When you took the train or bus today, did you find a book on the seat and assume somebody left it behind? What if they had, but the person they left it for was you?

Welcome to our novel movement – Books on the Transit.

We and our book bandits share books across Go Transit & TTC platforms, trains, streetcars and buses in Toronto & the GTA. Books are plucked from our personal collections, second-hand bookstores, authors, local bookstores, and publishers. There are new books every day, and they are there to be taken, read, shared, and most importantly enjoyed! Our hope is that we will have all of Toronto falling in love with reading again and enjoying their commutes!

Please let us know if you have found a book by tagging us @booksonthetransit and/or using the hashtag #booksonthetransit. We love to see how far and wide the books make it!

Happy reading!
Kristyn and Danielle